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[off-topic/personal] Anyone want to meet up in Japan?

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06 January 2017 @ 01:34 am
So I see that no one has posted Toma's guesting in Ikinari yet and I saw it in Dailymotion.

So here it is [[ LINK ]]

If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that YOU GO AND WATCH IT! It was a really funny episode and I LOVE K8 so much! 
02 December 2016 @ 07:24 pm
Hi all,

The trailer as well as many stills from the movie have been revealed.
Today I'll bring you the whole bunch of things ^.^

I. Trailer
Watch the engsubbed trailer HERE.

II. Relationship chart
Click on the picture to zoom it

Relationship chart ENG.jpg

III. Some images
I've selected some of my favorite stills from the movie, some of which work perfectly as a background image ;)
Rinko-san has indeed so many beautiful dresses :3

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because i feel like procrastinating right now. lol. and also because i don't know anything about her... since she will be toma's love interest in their new Sensei movie, i thought i'd look her up real quick. i didn't find a lot of info because she is still pretty much a newbie.... she seems kind of annoying and just an average actress. oh. when she met ohno (on a tv show?) she said she thought he was older, like 40. lol. he's only 34.


she was the most hated female celebrity in her 20s last year?? lol. i hope it's only based on a random poll or something so that it doesn't make people want to avoid watching this movie. though i do hate girls who act too girly and cute. but in japan, there's a ton of girls and female AND male celebrities that do that. lol....

thanks for the comments, everyone. i really don't know much about her and since i've never watched her in a drama/movie (only seen her in commercials and some trailers, fanmade MV's...) i shouldn't say much. and yeah, i agree that what matters most is how she is in character and not how she is in real life. i mean, unless she did some really bad things. lol.
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i'll make a poll, too. for old time's sake. and i wonder if people still read the posts here. haha. probably a lot don't even use LJ anymore. sigh...

do you think it's creepy that toma (32 years old) and suzu (18) will be a couple in this movie?

not sure. it depends on how their characters look/act...

do you like teacher & student love stories?

not sure. it depends on the characters, story...

TOMA IS FINALLY IN A ROMANTIC MOVIE!! YESSSSSSSS. really cheered me up since the past few days have been horrible (THE election that the whole world is talking about). i've been waiting for him to have a real love story in a movie forever. though the last time he was it was too depressing and sad mostly (Bokura Ga Ita), but hopefully this one will be a lot happier. though it's the same director from bokura ga ita.
i don't have much to say about his co-star. she seems pretty and looks kinda like another actress that i can't remember the name of right now. hopefully she's a good actress. in pics, she looks 18 or maybe in her 20s depending on hair and makeup...
there are pictures of how she and toma will look in the movie at the link above. toma's character is 26, though. why did they make him look older and also kinda creepy/evil?? lol. some people at the arama news article saying it's creepy because in real life and in the manga they have a big age gap. toma is 32 and this actress is 18. in the manga, his character is 26 and she is 17. meh. i don't mind big age gaps (unless the guy is like the age of her dad) and teacher/student love stories. i like forbidden love. lol.

teacher/student love manga and movies seem popular in japan. it is in the united states too. though honestly, i don't see how those relationships would work out. such a big age gap. what would they have in common??
if you want to read the manga, go here: http://www.mangareader.net/sensei.
thanks to Ana for telling me toma will be in this movie. and she says she read this manga and liked it. :)
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41 votes
61 votes!!!!!! THANKS, EVERYONE!! =)
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11 October 2016 @ 06:40 pm
So happy that a lot of fans posted about Toma's birthday this year.
Shirota Yu tweeted about Toma and now Pi talked about Toma on his radio show, too (how can he forget, right? xD)
I have my friend translate the message. You can read and listen to it HERE on youtube. And enjoy the short footages I compiled about Tomapi friendship! <3

Happy Birthday my dear Toma!!! xoxoxo

06 October 2016 @ 02:17 pm
i know i don't come here much anymore, but i still remember when it's toma's birthday!! lol. thought i should post something on his bday...

Happy Birthday, Toma!!! wishing you lots of happiness, love, and success!! you're still the most gorgeous, lovely, silly actor in all of Japan, to me. i'm glad you got some unique roles this year (transgender, vampire) and i hope you get a lot more different, challenging roles. have an awesome birthday and treat yourself!! xD


this is the first year since 2008 (i think) that i didn't do the tweet like crazy at midnight of oct.7 (japan time) about toma's birthday thing at twitter. lol. but i did check out the posts later and retweet a lot. check out the #toma_birthday tweets at twitter!! there are some really cool, cute fan art and fan videos!! =)

here are some of my favorites. sorry, i forgot to save their usernames to give credit!!
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I've upload  many of Toma's himitsu promotion in various show
just go to my journal if you interested ^^ 
16 August 2016 @ 02:06 am

I'm so sorry for posting this in the community,

Hello! my name is Rocio, I'm from Chile and I'm going as an exchange student to japan this semester.  I bought a ticket for Vamp Bamboo Burn play in June for the performance on Wednesday 14th at 12:30. A really nice girl retired my ticket and sent it to me so I have the ticket on my hands. However, due to unfortunate circumstances the university, which I'm going to study, scheduled an important and mandatory meeting for international students at the same time (it couldn't be more exactly) of the performance I was going. So, I'm, quite desperately, looking for someone who can change his/her ticket with me, I don't want to lose my ticket or sell it (that will be my last and saddest option). I'll arrive to Japan on September 8th, I can give the ticket from that date in person.
P.D: Due to the calendar that the university sent I just cannot attend to that perfomance (Wednesday at 12:30 in September, for the performances hold outside Tokyo, I can only go to Saturday and Sunday because of my classes, I know they are the most wanted performances, but because I still don't know my schedule after September I prefer that month)
Thank you! and sorry for any mistake (I’m quite in shock and it’s really late)
If you are interested please contact me to any of these accounts

e-mail: rbbustos@uc.cl

11 August 2016 @ 11:13 pm
Time flies, huh? :)))
Himitsu finally hit the theatre. Let's cross our fingers for the film's success.
Meanwhile, don't miss the cute premiere and a special review on the movie.
More details and pictures can be found at this post on my LJ. I decided to make it a public post this time, so you don't have to add me.

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